Savage Consulting is a business management consulting firm based in the Cayman Islands. We are team of dynamic and multilingual professionals. Our collective backgrounds and experience allow us to bring complimentary mix of skills to the table to help your business perform better. From business operations,  financial oversight and growth strategy – we can help you assess your current needs and make a plan for improvement. Once a plan is established – Savage Consulting can support the roll-out and inject our marketing, communications and sales development experience. We work with clients virtually and face-to-face in the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean and North America.


Savage Consulting’s leadership team has deep roots in airport and travel retail, tourism and consumer industries. Our mantra is “action prevail over concepts”. For this reason we continually challenge ourselves to present solutions to your problems – that are actionable and will give you the best results for your customers and your bottom line. In contrast to large firms, we do not provide standard cookie-cutter recommendations, we provide tailor-made solutions designed specifically to meet and exceed your business goals.

Working with us

We place an emphasis on understanding each client’s particular priorities and providing accurate insight and commercial advice to improve our clients’ sales and profits. We are your advisor, your partners and as needed…your sanity check. Our clients enjoy our straight-forwardness and flexibility and they know they can count on us to meet deadlines and achieve results. Whether we are working on a set project or a longer-term strategy, we make every effort to get to know your business and your company culture to bring the most suitable solutions for a profitable and sustainable outcome.

Savage Working

Why choose Savage

We have a wide range of skills and experience that blend together allowing us to offer high-level executive support, project management and even hands-on support acting as an extension of your team.We have a network of third party suppliers that are trusted and can become your suppliers. When you choose to work with Savage Consulting – you can have the expertise of C-suite executives without the cost of full-time employment. We help local and international companies operating in Cayman Islands and the Caribbean organisations accomplish goals that may otherwise live on the backburner.

Savage Story

The Savage story

As many great stories begin, Savage Consulting was born from an idea. A vision that was sparked when three friends got together and said, “we can do it better.” Gone are the days of big marketing budgets, and the simplistic sales strategy when just “opening your doors each day” no longer cuts it. The world of retail, travel and tourism has changed and everything and everyone that interacts within it must change – or risk becoming irrelevant. The Savage Consulting team has been on all sides of the table – supplier, vendor, buyer, business owner and executive leadership. Our mission is to take the best of all sides and apply it to benefit and support the needs of our clients – hence our positioning statement, “Our target is YOUR growth”. Our methodology is based on the structure and framework of our corporate backgrounds and experience –yet is combined with a no-frills, ‘Get Things Done’ approach to create the optimum balance of risk management, operational excellence and growth strategies. When we meet with a potential client we are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing us. Our desire is to work with people and projects where we know we can bring value to the table.

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