Gender Diversity Survey Launched

Successful businesses are well rewarded by their ability to provide a fantastic service to their clients.  However, it’s also just as important to find meaningful ways to give back to the community thru philanthropy and giving your time to causes that drive the betterment this beautiful place we call home.

Earlier in the year, we joined forces with a cause that is near and dear to our hearts at Savage Consulting.  The Gender-in-the-Workplace Survey, aimed at gauging employment diversity and opportunity in the Cayman Islands seeks to involve Cayman in an international dialogue about gender equality in the workforce and determine if gaps exist.

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“It stems from the fact that around the world there [is] lots of conversation about gender in the workplace and whether or not there is a gender gap,” said project strategist, Marzeta Bodden. “Cayman is an international jurisdiction but we don’t know the answer to whether there is a gap in our workforce. We want to be able to have high-quality data with which we can actually begin the conversation.”

Our very own senior consultant and partner, Trina Savage, is part of a team of dynamic professionals volunteering their time to investigate workplace diversity, or lack there of, in the executive population of the Cayman Islands.  Their hope to gather reputable and useful data to ultimately make draw a conclusion.

The survey hopes to reach men and women from a broad range of industries, ages and seniority levels.

Interested in taking part?  Find the questionnaire at:



Author: Samantha Widmer
Samantha Widmer is a well-rounded and dynamic business professional with 10 years work experience in the finance, asset management, marketing and consultancy world. Born and raised in Grand Cayman she holds a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) designation with the state of New Hampshire, USA and has also been an international ambassador for the islands in the sport of golf.

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