Savage Consulting’s Team Become Heroes For Childhood Cancer Research

Hannah Meeson is a fierce, brave, spirited brain cancer survivor. She’s also only 9 years old.

Her fight with cancer began in 2012. The experience was eye-opening for her support network. They learned childhood cancer is treated the same way as adult cancer… But with such a different biological makeup, why aren’t children being treated differently?

This question prompted the Meeson family to start the Heroes for Hannah Head Shave in Grand Cayman. The last four years have been a triumphant feat in raising awareness and money for the cause in conjunction with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Together, since the event started Grand Cayman has raised over 1.6 million dollars for children’s cancer treatment research.


  • 45 children a day are diagnosed with cancer.
  • St. Baldricks provides unparalleled funding for research for childhood cancers, including over 1200 grants in 27 countries. Collectively, St. Baldricks has raised over 230 million dollars for research.
  • This year, St. Baldricks research discovered a new immunotherapy treatment for kids with neuroblastoma. Instead of chemotherapy or radiation treatment, kids can now harness the power of their immune system to fight the disease.

hannah meeson heroes for hannah st baldricks grand cayman

Heroes for Hannah Head Shave 2017 Goes Savage

This year Savage Consulting decided to step up to the plate and collectively shave our heads for the cause. Well, if you know us at Savage, you know we put 110% into everything we do! This event was no exception.

“At Savage Consulting we thrive on bringing passion into everything we do. This rang true with this initiative and thanks to the support from our friends, colleagues, and clients we’ve realized a significant contribution towards making an impact. That is incredibly rewarding and brings greater purpose to what we do.” —Trina Savage, Founder of Savage Consulting

Here are some of the epic results achieved from this year’s Heroes for Hannah Head Shave, which took place on September 22nd at Cricket Square:

  • Over 107 participants were shaved bald, including 27 women and 12 children in the Cayman Islands
  • This year alone raised over $250,000 for children’s cancer research
  • In just five years, the event has raised over 1.6 million
  • Savage Consulting’s team captain, Eugene Nolan, has individually raised over $45,000 over the last four years
  • Savage “Cuts” Consulting to date has raised almost $30,000 this year

Those results are pretty savage. And we couldn’t have done it without you — So a huge thank you for your unbelievable generosity.

The Facts: Why It Matters

This event is about more than raising money and awareness. It’s about the action and results that come from a strong campaign.

So where are the dollars going from St. Baldricks events? The CEO of the foundation recently spoke with the Cayman Compass about the impact events like Heroes for Hannah are having on children’s cancer research:

“Recently, St. Baldrick’s-funded research led to the FDA approval of CAR T Cell therapy for children with leukemia — a treatment that targets cancer cells while leaving the healthy ones intact. Contributions have helped St. Baldrick’s award more than $230 million in 1,052 grants to more than 358 research institutions.” —Kathleen Rutty, CEO of St. Baldrick’s Foundation

According to the American Cancer Society, over 10,000 children under the age of 15 were diagnosed with cancer last year in the states alone. Over 10% of them lost their battle against the disease. The current treatments can improve to treat their disease — and we want to change that.
Our efforts are evolving the face of treatment for childhood cancer, ensuring a brighter outlook for the world’s future generations.
savage consulting st baldricks team

Get Involved: What You Can Do to Help

The annual St. Baldricks event will take place next year around the same time. Are you ready to Brave the Bald? You can register to be a shavee here… or if you’re not ready, go ahead and sign up as a volunteer.

All participation makes a difference. The massive event brings draws quite a crowd for a night of celebration in the name of progress being made towards finding better cures for childhood cancer.

If you missed this year’s event, it’s not too late to participate. Donations are still graciously being accepted here. Every dollar counts and it’s easy to donate online.

See you there next year!

Entrepreneurship Take Aways: Make Philanthropic Efforts Count

Historically, over two-thirds of donations come from individuals. It’s amazing how giving our social networks can be to support a good cause.

But how do you make your small business philanthropy campaign return maximum impact for your effort? How do you effectively reach out to the right individuals to ensure participation?

Here are the top tips from Savage Consulting’s business pros to make sure your charity giving campaigns get the best engagement.

1.Take Advantage of Your Community

This may seem like a simple concept… but there are often many connections that get overlooked when it comes to reaching out for donations. Think about your network as a whole, including:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Past Clients
  • Future Clients
  • Past Colleagues

The motto is “if you don’t ask you can’t receive” — so don’t be shy. Even if it’s been a while, updating your connections on what causes you’re personally invested in can be a great conversation starter.

2. Get Creative and Be Different

The fact is, people get asked for donations a lot. You may need to get crafty to get yourself some attention. Don’t be afraid to do something daring and unique to collect money for a great cause!

For example, to do this for the St. Baldricks event Savage “Cuts” Consulting gave ourselves a fun team name. Then we died our hair green, pink, blue, and orange to raise awareness for our hair shave. Why wait to be bald to draw attention to our heads of hair?

The point is dare to be different. It’s instrumental in standing out.

bald shot of savage consulting st baldricks heroes for hannah team


3. Persistence Pays Off

When people see your post, email, or message, if they don’t reply right away the chances are they won’t reply at all. It’s not because they don’t care — people are just busy.

Sometimes all they need is a gentle reminder. Two or three times.

Be persistent in reaching out, and make sure your message always talks about why you’re participating in a charity event. People will connect with personal stories and the motives behind your efforts, not the dollar signs.

Want more info on how to implement a similar strategy for your company? We’d love to share our “lessons learned” with you. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation and some actionable advice on how to use philanthropy for business.



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