Let Me Google That For You

Let me Google that for you

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If there is one thing you learn as an entrepreuner…it’s how to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself, or teach yourself how to do something. When we were younger our parents or teachers may have told us to go look in the dictionary or encyclopedia if we had a questions. T​hanks to google and youtube – it’s gotten even easier.

Having been in managerial positions, it always amused me when someone would ask me a question that I too would have to plug into Google to get the answer. That’s when I discovered the funny – and a little bit cheeky – website called www.letmegooglethatforyou.com. Gone are the days where everyone sits in their isolated cell doing one minute task. In today’s fast moving, competitive work environment you need to expand your skill set and become resourceful. If you want to be cheeky, check out this funny link that you can send to someone when they ask you something that would require you to Google it for them: LMGTFY

1 – Research & Read: Whether you read an article a day on business, leadership or something more industry specific – it is important to continue learning new things.
2 – Lessons Learned: Another aspect of learning is to take time after a project or event to discuss and document what went well and what didn’t. Reviewing these ‘Lessons Learned’ before the next project or event will help prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over again.
3 – Courses & Workshops: Make sure you plan for and budget for more formal workshops or courses. Whether it is a conference, a local workshop – such as the ones self at the Chamber of Commerce, or an online learning institute such as Lynda.com.Investing in yourself and your team will ultimately help your business!

Just to contradict the above…I will remind everyone that this theory requires you to ‘Find the balance.’ As a business owner, or anyone looking to advance in their career…you have to find the balance between being resourceful with a do-it-yourself attitude and know when it’s more efficient and effective to hand over the task to someone else. When evaluating this you need to ask a few questions.
1 – Do I have the time to try to figure this out or do it myself?
2 – How much will it cost me to outsource this? or redirect the task?
3 – Is it worth it to my business?

Once you have mastered becoming a serial ‘do-it-yourselfer’…which I believe is a critical success factor for start-ups…then you can start to let go of certain tasks that will be done more effectively and efficiently by others. By learning to let go, you can truly become the conductor of your own business orchestra. Which by the way…I am still working on mastering! Feel free to insert any suggestions on this topic: “Delegating for Dummies’, into the comments below!

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