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Savage Launches Media Monitoring Service

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“Be the first to know what people say about you.”

When it comes to media – there are so many channels it can be overwhelming. It can even feel like a full time job to keep up for work or even just for fun! This is exactly why Savage Consulting have decided to launch the first dedicated Media Monitoring service in the Cayman Islands. Listening to the media is a full-time job, and we have created a solution.

Savage Media Monitoring services offer a dedicated on-island media monitoring service that focuses on listening and tracking local broadcast radio and television programs in the Cayman Islands. Our clients can now stay connected 24/7 with what’s being talked about and reported in our local media.


Understand the community sentiment: what are people talking about, how are people responding and how might it effect you or your business.

Stay informed in the most efficient way: Our clients can stay abreast of what is happening across the islands in the various industries. We summarize the ‘Talk” and report the information in an easy to digest way which allows our clients to use their time effectively.

Analyze, react and respond: Media monitoring is a vital tool to keep track of what’s being said across all platforms. Allowing us to report to clients in a timely manner based on the urgency and relevancy.

Tracking and archiving: For those who may appear in the news or want to track relevant industry news, Savage can help capture, save and archive so that every moment is captured and documented. We’re like your digital scrapbook.


Since there are many free and paid platforms to monitor social media results, our new service is focused on Cayman’s Radio, TV program and online news sites.


Business owners, developers, government, family offices, banks, law firms, marketing & PR professionals, political candidates, investors, NGO’s, brands, health organizations.


We have a trained ear with a deep understanding of our local culture, business landscape, economy and key industries. Our team members have worked across all key industries and are fully integrated into the local community.

Information is Power.

Paying for a media monitoring service may at first seem to be a luxury verses a necessity, especially if you are used to getting a phone call or a text message after someone hears something that might be relevant to your business. But that’s the catch, relying on your own time or friends, family and maybe even staff can have its limitations. They will certainly not catch everything and the courtesy call may come later than you would prefer. To maintain a view of the local news in the most holistic and time-sensitive manner – you need support.

To learn more about how Savage Consulting can assist you with our Media Monitoring services, get in touch at +1-345-326-1788 or


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