Samantha Widmer

Samantha WidmerFounder & Senior Consultant, Canadian/Caymanian

areas of expertise

Project & Event Management
Auditing & Finance
Social Media Marketing
Asset Management

Samantha Widmer is a well-rounded and dynamic business professional with 10 years work experience in the finance, asset management, marketing, and consultancy world. Born and raised in Grand Cayman she holds a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) designation with the state of New Hampshire, USA and has also been an international ambassador for the islands in the sport of golf.
Samantha’s professional career started at Ernst & Young, a leading global accounting firm, providing a high paced, competitive environment to gain professional development training at the highest level. Her experience since E&Y Samantha diversified her career with roles in finance and asset management for a business conglomerate, sales & marketing, and event management.”

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Savage Consulting developed a new store concept to successfully position my brand in the market. Then they helped execute the rollout. They dramatically improved my customer experience which lead to increased profits.

Peter Dutton
Managing Director, Jacques-Scott Group
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