FauchonFounded in 1886 in Paris, Fauchon is an international gourmet food company.

About the brand

Founded in 1886 in Paris, Fauchon is an international gourmet food company.

The Challenge

Savage Consulting was engaged by Fauchon to analyse industry trends in Europe, report on the value proposition of direct competitors, value the space utilisation of its two flagship stores at Place de la Madeleine in Paris and propose strategic options for the company.

What we did

Analysed the business model of 15 international luxury food retailers, reporting on success factors and failures.Created a trading density report including KPIs per space zeroing-in on high and low performing categories, proposing concrete actions to optimize sales and profit.Proposed a new brand value proposition, profit equation and business model.

The Result

Savage Consulting provided Fauchon’s management team with a rational analysis of their business performance and a strategic plan including 10 actionable recommendations designed to create a more profitable use of space within the two flagship stores in Paris and to guide the launch and rollout of a new store concept.

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Savage Consulting developed a new store concept to successfully position my brand in the market. Then they helped execute the rollout. They dramatically improved my customer experience which lead to increased profits.

Peter Dutton
Managing Director, Jacques-Scott Group

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